The Tyrannosaurus Rex

The largest teeth ever

Here are some of the species with the largest teeth in the world, both extinct and alive today. The lists are broken into two categories: largest regular teeth and specialized teeth called tusks.

Dog and Woman Smiling for Selfie

Pets Need Dental Care, Too

Dental care is an important part of our lives, but did you know that it’s important for your pets too? Just like us, our pets can suffer from cavities & dental disease. In fact, we share a lot…

Tooth Decorating

Decorating Teeth Through the Ages

The practice of decorating teeth has been around for millennia & spans cultures from all over the world. Here are some of the forms teeth jewelry & art have taken in the past.

Dental Math

A dentist’s work adds up to a lot of math

It may not seem like math plays a critical role in dentistry, but as with most everything, math is incredibly important to both the health of patients in the practice & ensuring dentists have the…

Mother and child smiling

The Difference Between Baby Teeth & Permanent Teeth

Most of us lost the last of our baby teeth years ago, but have you ever thought about why you need two sets of teeth in the first place? Both baby teeth & permanent teeth are important for your…

Smiling Woman With Clean Teeth

Why a Dental Cleaning Is Not Just a Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning appointments have more than one benefit to patients. Like a spa day for your teeth, cleaning appointments include two phases—scaling & polishing—that together give you the smooth,…

Smiling man using dental floss

What's Your Floss Made Of?

You may know of dental floss as an essential part of your dental hygiene routine, but did you know that there are different types of dental floss? Like toothbrushes & toothpaste, which kind is…

Smiling woman with gum and breath mints

The Truth About Breath Mints

Many people use breath mints to keep their breath fresh throughout the day, but did you know that breath mints can actually contribute to tooth decay? 

Happy Woman With Healthy Jaw

What You Need to Know About Your Jaw Bone

Taking care of your teeth has an unseen benefit: It preserves your jaw bone as well. Your jaw is an integral part of your oral health as it connects your teeth to your skull. Caring for your teeth is…

Healthy mom holding child and smiling

The Importance of Dental Exams

You probably know that it’s important to visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings to help prevent tooth decay, but did you know that a visit to your dentist has other benefits?