Surprised woman drinking orange juice

Your Favorite Drink May Be Damaging Your Fillings & Crowns

Your dental crowns and fillings may be at risk for damage from an unexpected culprit: your favorite beverage.

Woman eating yogurt

Foods With Hidden Sugar

While you may think that good dental health starts at home with proper brushing and flossing habits, where it really starts is with a healthy diet. With superfoods and gluten sensitivities, people…

Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Rays & Radiation Exposure

Many patients have expressed concerns about the amount of radiation exposure caused by dental x-rays. We want to set the record straight about this very important diagnostic tool and what it means…

Man hiding smile with sweater

Health Consequences of Crooked Teeth

Getting crooked teeth or a bad bite fixed isn't just about vanity. A less-than-perfect smile can put you at risk for both dental and overall health issues. Getting your teeth straightened can benefit…

Woman flossing and smiling

Can You Name 5 Types of Dental Floss?

As dental professionals, we may get a little bit more excited about dental hygiene products that our patients, but the truth is that everyone should pay close attention when choosing which dental…