Being an astronaut is one of the flashy & popular professions young people aspire to become. If your kid stares at the stars & spins on carnival rides to gain the right stuff, they should know that great dental health is part of the prerequisite.

NASA has many rigorous requirements, & unlike a few that are out of people’s control such as height, astronauts must have good oral health.

Stellar Smile

Astronauts need healthy teeth during liftoff so that no emergency care is needed after withstanding high g forces that can knock out fillings & other restorative work. Astronauts need a healthy mouth while in space, too. In addition to not having any dentists to care for their teeth, astronauts suffer from bone density issues due to the lack of gravity. Lower bone density can also reduce mass in teeth, which means there needs to be low risks for problems in advance.

Go for Launch

NASA tests prospective astronauts routinely to ensure that their oral health is in good condition before they shoot past the stratosphere. Dental screenings occur initially & before missions to make sure no one is at risk for emergency care. Astronauts are not supposed to have any risk for issues in the next year in order to go to space. For extended trips in space on the International Space Station, astronauts need to be in the healthiest category NASA assigns.

Fillings in the Void

If, however, something goes awry while far above the world, NASA stays prepared. Some on the flight crew are trained to perform emergency dental work. Though not dentists themselves, they are capable of performing temporary fillings, emergency extraction & more with communication from ground control. Anything beyond that, though, would likely require reentry to Earth.

If you or your children want to someday see space, be sure to get your regular cleanings & exams from your dentist so your smile doesn’t hold you back.

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